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Ladies n gents I’m happy to say that we have a guest blogger, Ms. Ploy Tang-u-thaisuk, who will be posting her thoughts on the Thai market, derivatives, stocks, and sectors here weekly. Despite her youth, I’ve been tracking her comments/thoughts over the past few years and have found them to be an excellent resource when deciding upon entry/exit of positions.

The SET Industrial Estate stocks and the SET Electronics sector have tested the medium-long term resistance since early this year and have recently plunged with large downside gaps.

Both sectors haven’t performed well this year and the floods will surely add more pressure to the sector for quite a long time. 

The medium-term downside targets for some of the key players in the SET Industrial Estate is quite steep; AMATA @6.15, ROJNA @3.23 & 2.78.  

HEMRAJ, however, seems to be the strongest amongst them technically and is likely to outperform versus its peers in this bearish market.

If you have any questions feel free to contact her directly @

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