Thai October Econ figures weak, no surprise

Given the flooding situation its no surprise that the Thailand’s econ figures for October were weak and we expect that November would be even weaker. See below for some quick highlights.

Weekly Charts – SET, Gold, BGH

Latest thoughts from our Queen Chartist Ploy. Essentially she’s looking for 1. SET out-performing, 2. Baht strengthening, 3. BGH continuing upwards and 4. Gold likely to hold its recent rebound.

The US dollar index has reached the resistance I gave last week, and is now backing down from the given resistance. Also the SET is poised to out-perform, relative to the US Dollar index. This is the positive signal for the SET.

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Soros on how the ECB can save the Euro

The markets for the past few years have been purely macro driven from our point of view for large caps hence why our cash position has shifted so often in anticipation of continued delays by politicians in both Europe and US regarding their debt issues. I have no idea what the solution for all this would be (if there even is one) except that the road to get there will be a magical fantastical journey that even our wildest dreams will not be able to conjure up.

Anyways Soros has a few key points/mentions that he wants to see for the Euro to be saved:

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Taxation on Equities Investments in Thailand

Thought this would be interesting for some readers here.

Thailand’s equities are very open for individual foreign investors because they are treated the same as individual thai investors in terms of taxes with zero percent capital gains tax and 10% tax on dividends.

Thai taxes applicable to investors in listed companies are as outlined below:

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Weekly Industry Update


AIS and Intuch have been keeping the market because of Intuch’s plan to sell part of its stake in AIS to Singtel, and then probably pay a massive dividend to itself (Temasek), talk about going from left pocket to right pocket.

The other sectors haven’t moved much in the past week still too many issues coming up with politicians on both sides of the ocean.  Continue reading Weekly Industry Update

Weekly Charts – SET, SET/THB, EU/US

Latest thoughts from our resident queen chartist Ploy. She still thinks that the markets are at crossroads and that we should keep a watchful eye at the THB/USD and resistance points for the SET, DAX and DJIA.

The SET enters the 10th-15th November cycle resistance with a deep plunge at opening on the 10th November. However, there is no major alarm yet as the index seems to recover well after the plunge. There is another similar pattern in the SET Bank index which states that another cycle resistance awaits on the 15th. November. Unless the SET tumbles much tomorrow, the situation may look more positive. Continue reading Weekly Charts – SET, SET/THB, EU/US