How important is Japan to Thailand?

The prime minster, Yingluck, was in Japan and gave a speech entitled “Unbeatable Thailand, Unparalleled Opportunities”. Within it contained some key points illustrating how important Japan is to Thailand’s economic growth and health.

Japan is Thailand’s largest trading partner. Our exports to Japan grew by 8.3 percent last year. You are also Thailand’s largest investor. Japanese investments applying for Board of Investment promotion was 49 percent of total FDI last year.

See the link below for the full speech, there are a few other interesting points regarding the Thai economy and ASEAN.

Charts – Weekly

Latest thoughts from our chartist Ploy! Today she explains her concerns for the SET and what key points to look for.

The SET breached above its previous High at 1,148.28 last week, with Thai investors cheering joyfully and betting for 1,200 or even higher. Such sentiment turns negative this week and I begin receiving calls from clients, asking whether the SET will make a correction of 25-30 points of more.

Well, if you look at the chart below, you will see the SET plotted with the same channel lines as given last week. This week’s so-called correction has been expected and the situation is not yet severe. Support for the SET is now at 1,152-1,149 and you may want to cut back partly if the SET falls below 1,149. As I am writing this article, the SET is rebounding beautifully from this support, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it can make a successful rebound. This week resistance is at 1,190-1,200.

However, if the SET can’t stay above the support at 1,152-1,149, it may fall to 1,145-1,143. You may want to cut back for another notch (approximately 20-30% of your portfolio depending on your average cost) if the SET falls below 1,143, together with the SET50 falling below 809. Keep in mind that, both conditions must occur in order for us to cut back on our exposure.


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