Trying to find the perfect alchemy at Union intraco

Established on April 30, 1999 as a distributor of innovative chemicals, Union Intraco Plc (UIC) is a Thai-owned company headquartered in Bangkok. Initially, UIC specialised in the domestic market. However, as it earned a reputation for its innovative approach, it secured distribution agreements with chemical manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. It eventually became a public limited company with authorised capital of 130 million baht in 2010 and listed on the Market for Alternative Investment in June 2011. CEO Perajed Suwannapasri discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.What is UIC’s business model?

Perajed: Small firm, customer focus

UIC is a trader, developer and distributor of specialty chemicals that are used in several industries such as cosmetics, healthcare, printing, food and plastics. We classify our products into two groups: liquid chemicals that comprise alcohol-, ester- and glycol-based products; and chemical powders, comprising additives and pigment products.

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