Sectors – Weekly

The Thai market rallied last week towards the Greek election results in line with the rest of global market but again is driven by purely by headlines. As was the story in 2011 its the consumer related sectors and telecoms which are maintaining that markets levels due to the growth and dividend yields on offer, going forward expect similar stories about Europe and China continuing to affect markets both ways.

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Management trades – Weekly

Notable transactions:


  • GLAND  – Massive off the market transaction here with 3.5% of the company’s shares being bought by two of the directors. Fyi GLAND is developing a huge project (condominium and offices) on Rama XI next to the new Central Rama XI shopping mall
  • RS – K. Surachai the CEO, VP and MD of RS must see upside in the company’s move towards the satellite business
  • SIRI – Time to sound like a broken record here, but if you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’ll know that K. Srettha wants to ensure his stock price continues to go up.
  • BLAND – Not highlighted in yellow b/c the value is small but hello again K. Anant! Will you be selling soon?!


  • BGH – A director decides to sell a stake, nothing major I presume

LVT cements its market niche

Originally published Friday 22nd June 2012

LV Technology Plc was founded in 1996 by Hans Jorgen Nielsen, a Danish engineer who has more than 30 years of experience in the cement industry. LVT was founded based on a new and revolutionary power-saving technology for the grinding process, for which it has supplied more than 700 units in 75 countries. It has since developed into a company that supplies complete cement plants worldwide. Mr Nielsen discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.

What is LVT’s business model?

LVT is an engineering company within the cement industry. Over the past few years we have made a natural progression from providing pure cement plant engineering services to incorporating our engineering skill and technological know-how into delivering completely built cement plants to our customers.

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