You have to be slightly masochistic to manage funds

It’s past midnight on Sunday and I can’t sleep, my mind is just racing through probabilities regarding the market, wondering if our scenarios regarding Europe are correct, if our investments ideas are correct, if our trading ideas are correct, I’m currently doing a quick n dirty quant screen (pe’s, div yields, pbv’s compare vs roe’s roa’s) just to see if anything interesting would pop up so we can add it to our watch list, scanning through financial blogs to see if I missed anything during the week etc etc…. All this despite us still outperforming the market consistently for the past few years, so why aren’t I soundly asleep?

  1. It doesn’t hurt to work just a bit harder than everyone else to give yourself an edge
  2. Clients have entrusted you with funds, losing money is too easy, making it is tough
  3. I absolutely positively hate losing

Managing funds is masochistic, but I love it, enjoy the upcoming week!