Management Trades 17.09.12 to 21.09.12

Notable transactions


  • BGH – The President continues his accumulation of shares, he started since around THB 80/share
  • BTS – Now this is interesting, whilst the VGI listing is a good sentiment boost for the stock, I’m thinking aloud that it may be the potential of an infrastructure fund that may be the reason behind this purchase.


  • CPF – Another THB 30 mn worth of shares sold off by someone related to the co.
  • SRICHA – Hmm, a director selling off THB 38 mn in construction company, with the government infrastructure plans hopefully coming through within the next 12 months I wouldn’t understand why management feels the need to take profit @ 9x PE
  • TUF – Selling by top management has been going on since the stock went above THB 70/share for the past month or so.
  • Overall: Its been rather high selling by management/owners of companies the past 2 weeks, nothing to sound the alarm about but still worth taking into consideration