Global Credit Cycle Lurches Down

De-leveraging sucks for stocks, the economy, consumer spending etc etc, unless global central banks print gazillions of dollars :)

The credit impulses in all three major economies – the euro area, the U.S. and China – are now negative, albeit very slightly in the case of China. This is the first time in three years that all three components have been simultaneously negative. And after hovering at a point of inflection the combined credit cycle indicator has lurched down again.

Source: BCA Research

Thai rung union car shifts back into high gear with new specialty focus

Thai Rung Union Car Plc (TRU) was established in 1967 by Vichien Phaoenchoke and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1994. Thai-owned and managed, the company is a leading automotive industry operator that offers fully integrated services starting from design through production and assembling. Sompong Phaoenchoke, the director and managing director, discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.What is TRU’s business model?

TRU is poised to grow when the AEC emerges in 2015, says Mr Vichien.

Thai Rung Union Car has always focused on product design and development through the production of dies and jigs and the manufacturing of metal and plastic automotive parts, seats and modification of multi- and special-purpose vehicles. In recent years, we’ve adapted our strategy to focus more on OEM parts making, contract assembly and painting, which combined account for 80% of our total business. However, we are looking to use our capabilities because of our uniqueness, integrated systems and R&D in vehicle modification to expand our special-purpose vehicle business further.

Who are TRU’s customers?

Our major customers are leading US and Japanese automotive manufacturers, divided into: carmakers such as GM, Nissan, Isuzu, Toyota, Tata and Suzuki; industrial machinery makers such as Komatsu, Kobelco, Yanmar and Caterpillar; motorcycle makers including Triumph and Kawasaki; and others such as Emerson.

To be more specific about some of the work we do, for Tata pickup trucks we designed and assemble the flat-deck box, while for Chevrolet we are a major parts supplier for stamping. Since this year’s second quarter, we have been doing painting and welding for Nissan’s Navara pickup truck, and we do similar work for other automobile manufacturers in Thailand as well as for international markets. Thus we have a wide capability to service our customers and provide the necessary support to maintain the relationships we have built over the years.

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3Q12 Summary thus far..winner is Home Office Products o__O

Earnings season here continues until the 15th November but given that the majority of the major companies have already announced their earnings I thought it would be best to summarise the results thus far.

9M12 vs 9M11 the top 3 sectors were for net profit growth:

  1. Home office Products +160%
  2. Food & Beverage +128%
  3. Tourism & Leisure +36%

Top 3 losers were:

  1. Media & publishing -192%
  2. Transportation & Logistics -72%
  3. Packaging -66%

Source: SET


  • PTTGC was not incl in the graphical comparison for petrochems
  • Its not a comprehensive list of all companies on the SET/MAI (only 60 cos that represent 82% of SET and MAI mkt cap)