Management Trades – October Summary

As requested by the readers here…this is the summary of all management transactions for the month of October 2012. Highlighted are major transactions above Bt. 30mn.

Comment: BTS … now you know why the own of BTS bought some Bt. 100 mn worth of shares in the month, given that they’ve just announced the likelihood of selling to an infrastructure fund soon. So if this isn’t insider trading..well I just don’t know what is then.

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What happened this past week?


  • US Election noise is over
  • China’s economic data all rise a bit more than expected (retail sales, PMI services, CPI @ 1.7%)
  • Oz, Indonesia, S. Korea, M’asia keep their int rates the same


  • Silly ppl are still trying to make a name for themselves over the 3G license in Thailand…fyi Laos is already at 4G, time to stop mocking your neighbours and look in the mirror for once.
  • UTCC lowers 2012 GDP forecast to 5.4% from 5.6%German IP, factory orders and export orders all decline in Sept.
  • French and Italian IP also fall again.
  • UK PMI services falls to 50.6 vs 52, weakest since Dec ’10.
  • Australia, a Chinese proxy, exports fall to lowest since Feb ’11 with merchandise exports specifically to China down 6.5%,