Management Trades – October Summary

As requested by the readers here…this is the summary of all management transactions for the month of October 2012. Highlighted are major transactions above Bt. 30mn.

Comment: BTS … now you know why the own of BTS bought some Bt. 100 mn worth of shares in the month, given that they’ve just announced the likelihood of selling to an infrastructure fund soon. So if this isn’t insider trading..well I just don’t know what is then.

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2 thoughts on “Management Trades – October Summary”

  1. Pon,
    Thank you. Now all the people who read this site will be able to see the larger insider buying that some of the people who work at their companies don’t really want others to see for whatever the reasons. When you put it all together for the month the picture becomes quite clearer and allows us investors to get an idea on what is really happening at that particular company. As you mentioned BTS might be selling to a fund and there is some suspect as to insider trading. No matter, I plan to use this tomorrow to buy BTS shares. Again, I say thank you for putting up the months total buy/sell and it is already a big help.

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