Quick Thoughts: Telecom sector

Whats going on here?

  • There are 4 complaints against the 3G auction with 2 of them already rejected by the DSI, as no price collusion was found.
  • The other 2 complaints were filed by 40 senators and the Office of the Ombudsman and are now awaiting a court ruling due next week.
  • Most likely the courts will throw out the cases


  • The Ombudsman has no right to inspect the NBTC.┬áThe Ombudsman only has the right to inspect government employees and government departments and not the NBTC, which legally is an independent organization.
  • The DSI announced that they had found no irregularity in the 3G auction, also, which will be officially announced next week.
  • A group of 40 senators will file suit against the National Telecommunications Commission of the NBTC with the Constitutional Court as the senatorial group sees it illegal that the National Telecommunications Commission will grant the licenses. However, the National Telecommunications Commission will not be the one granting the licenses, but only holding the auction.

So what?

  • Well by the looks of all the facts…all this suit filing seems to be a waste of time therefore if anyone is interested in the telco sector I’m fairly certain the noise will go away shortly.

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