Stocks in the news (DNA, GUNKUL, KBS, PTT, SIRI, SPCG) – 18.12.12


To trade on MAI next week — DNA will trade on MAI on 21st December 2012. Management said the company’s strength lies in its strong leadership in the home entertainment – movie and music – business. The company currently has 1,432 branches and aims to take number one market share by using the money raised to expand its businesses. The company set a revenue target of Bt2bn this year and expects revenues to grow by no less than 30% in 2013. (Tun Hoon, 18/12/12)


Strong growth this year — GUNKUL expects revenues this year to exceed Bt4.3bn, with a high gross margin of 23%. The company is confident that revenue growth will continue, supported by strong profits from its alternative energy business. It plans to invest Bt4bn to expand its energy business next year. (Khao Hoon, 18/12/12)
Comment: GUNKUL has been able to shift their business model from being a trader of goods to actually owning stakes in energy businesses, but despite liking it’s business I still find the stock to be expensive for me (seems to be a recurring trend this month) Continue reading Stocks in the news (DNA, GUNKUL, KBS, PTT, SIRI, SPCG) – 18.12.12

Stocks in the news (EASTW, SGP, TICON, TTA, TVD) 17.12.12


Looking at 20% YoY sales growth — EASTW is confident that its sales will increase 20%YoY from last year sales of Bt3.31bn due to the quantity sold and 10% price increase. The company will invest Bt4 bn to construct a water pipeline to Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate next year. (Khao Hoon, 17/12/12)

Comment: Lovely lovely cash flow business + with the infrastructure play has pushed the stock price up to slightly silly levels trailing PE 16x div yield 3%, not interesting anymore.


Good outlook for world gas price a plus — SGP says the rise in world gas prices supports continued good momentum in 4Q12. It expects 2012 sales to achieve the target of Bt50bn and expects 20% YoY growth in 2013 with the CAPEX of Bt1bn. (Khao Hoon, 17/12/12) Continue reading Stocks in the news (EASTW, SGP, TICON, TTA, TVD) 17.12.12

Management Trades 10.12.12 to 14.12.12

Notable transactions


  • INOX – This huge transaction by the Mahagitsiri family in INOX is related its initial agreement in Sept ’11 where they had a right to exercise a call option


  • MFEC – Interesting, the President decides to offload THB 18 mn worth of shares, as a quick side note: the IT industry here in Thailand is, I believe, the only industry that is not dominated by a few companies

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