Market had a so-so second week with news that Temasek was selling off half of its stake in INTUCH which depressed the tech sector, industrials went on a rampage with the expected news of good land sales by both hemraj and amata and ticon selling another tranche of assets to its property fund. Going forward well property seems to be hot, MAI is still on fire, but its surprising no one has mentioned the emergence of some of the energy/commodity counters i.e. ivl and pttgc, rotation time?130114 00sum 130114 01set 130114 02mai











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Stocks in the news (amata, hmpro, ivl, ksl, seafco, sorkon, tmb) – 14.01.13

AMATA – New strategy will slow growth — AMATA said that revenues and profits this year are expected to slow due to a new business strategy, which focuses on long-term leases on land of up to 30 years instead of selling the land. The company hopes to hold on to its assets for the long term as expansion in the industry becomes more difficult. The company is still confident in its location and reveals that its land prices have already appreciated by 18% this year. (Krungthep Turakij, 14/01/13)

Comment: Amata to us is has always been a simple play in industrial estates that used to be attractive whenever the stock price was below THB 10 /share if there were political/global/local whatever crises and has always proven to be a fairly easy trade, now this does change the earnings dynamic going forward so one would have to adjust their thinking when it comes to investing/trading this co

HMPRO – Aiming at 15% revenue growth in 2013 — HMPRO said 2013 revenue will grow 15%YoY and plans to open eight new stores, starting in Chanthaburi on February 1. It launched a new campaign on Friday, which it expects to boost Friday sales by 15% (Khao Hoon, 14/01/13)

Comment: If you want to see where Thailand’s growth has come from in the past few years look at hmpro’s breakdown in revenue structure, upcountry sales now rep close to half of total revenues

IVL – Targets 15% revenue growth in 2013 — IVL targets 2013 revenue to grow 15%YoY off a rise in volume to 6mn tons from 5.3mn tons. It will also book US$40mn in insurance compensation from the flooded plant in Lopburi. (Tun Hoon, 14/01/13)

Comment: was a battered stock last year, its improvement recently isn’t a surprise and its one helluva well run company Continue reading Stocks in the news (amata, hmpro, ivl, ksl, seafco, sorkon, tmb) – 14.01.13

Management Trades 07.01.13 – 11.01.13

Notable Transactions

Buy(s): THB 82.9 mn

  • NMG – The stock has been doing well for the past year, so its interesting to see the vice chairman accumulate shares

Sell(s): THB 326.7 mn

  • SPCG – A director decides to take some profit
  • HYDRO – Huge sale of THB 134 mn by the Managing Director
  • KBS – Odd to see two family members sell shares at this low price
  • TONHUA (TH) – Another company trading @ 200x ++ PE, the owner played it well, mkt cap has gone from THB 96 mn to THB 1.8 bn

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