‘Perfect city’ vision drives Amata’s success

amataAmata Corporation Plc is Thailand’s leading developer of industrial estates, established in 1989 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in 1997. It is the flagship of the Amata Group, with 15 subsidiaries that manage the supply of utilities, infrastructure and services in Amata industrial estates. Chief operating officer Viboon Kromadit discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.



Amata strives to improve education in the nearby communities, says Mr Viboon.

What is Amata’s business model?

As an industrial estate developer, we want to create the “Perfect City”. We select the strategic location and develop the necessary facilities, utilities and infrastructure to be ready for our current and potential clients’ use. With more than 20 years’ experience, we consider ourselves experts in this area, and our philosophy is to focus purely on industrial estate development. For other business components that are beyond our expertise, we form strategic partnerships with experts in their fields.

Currently Amata has three industrial estates: Amata Nakorn Chon Buri, which is our flagship estate with 18,873 rai and located only 57 kilometres from Bangkok and 42 kilometres from Suvarnabhumi airport; Amata City Rayong, which has 10,018 rai and is 27 km from Laem Chabang deep-sea port and 99 km from Suvarnabhumi; and finally Amata City Bien Hoa in Vietnam, which covers 4,370 rai and is only 30 kilometres northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Who are Amata’s customers?

The majority of our customers are Japanese companies, accounting for nearly 60% of the total number of factories in all industrial estates, and the rest are domestic clients and other foreign investors. In terms of industry breakdown, 50% of our clients are in automotive industries and the rest in electronics and electrical appliances, chemicals, steel and metal, and consumer goods. The total number of factories is 900 in all industrial estates. Continue reading ‘Perfect city’ vision drives Amata’s success

Stocks in the news (KTB, MK, PRIN, PT, THAI) – 21.01.13

KTB – FIDF still looking to sell part of its stake — The Financial Institutions Development Fund (FIDF) is to sell out 4% of its KTB stake or approximately 447mn shares. The selling price is expected to be 1.5x its book value or Bt19.20. The proceeds will be used to clear off the FIDF 1 and FIDF 2 debts after it found that there was not enough cash to pay its debts on January 18th. (Khao Hoon, 21/01/13)

Comment: Odd news as the FIDF subscribed to KTB’s newly issued shares…

MK – 1Q13 to post new high — MK expects 1Q13 earnings to reach a new high supported by the transfer of DEN Vibhavadi, valued at Bt880mn. The company targets 2013 revenue to reach Bt3bn and plans to open 3-4 projects worth Bt3-4 bn. (Khao Hoon, 21/01/13)

Comment: Same shareholders as SPALI, always has consistently achieved 10% growth p.a. for as far back as I can remember

PRIN – Going provincial — PRIN will expand into provincial markets, confident that demand will be strong after the high speed railway and AEC start. It has allocated Bt1bn for land acquisition. PRIN revenue and earnings in 2012 are expected to grow 30%YoY. Its goal for 2013 is revenue growth of 17–20%YoY. (Tun Hoon, 21/01/13)

Comment: Nice little family run business, cheap on the #’s, but I fear about its long term ability to compete versus the bigger co’s

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Management Trades 14.01.13 to 18.01.13

Notable Transactions:

Buy(s):  THB 100 mn

  • AH – The Chairman/CEO decides to acquire some shares, AH has been a massive underperformer versus SAT, this was as a result from the past issues with it bought KPN Auto back in 07/08
  • BANPU – Major shareholder decides to accumulate more shares
  • BGH – This stock price continues to go and over the weekend I had a conversation regarding the potential of it going further, if hospitals can be sold into a REIT next year, then Bt. 200/share wouldn’t be impossible..yes you’ll have read it here first :)

Sell(s): THB 164 mn

  • BGH – See Above
  • PS – The run up of the property sector has me incredibly worried…

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