Stocks in the news (drt, pttep, sgp, tvd) – 22.01.13

DRT – To expand Khon Kaen plant — DRT has set Bt1.5bn as capex to expand its plant in Khon Kaen. This lightweight concrete block plant is expected to generate Bt200-300 mn in 2H13, leading to revenue growth of 10–15% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 22/01/13)

Comment: Despite the constant negative news regarding its asbesto use the potential government banning of it (its been going on for 6-7 years) this company continues to grow nicely.

PTTEP sets 2013-2017 capex budget at US$14.77bn — Thailand’s PTT Exploration & Production PCL (PTTEP) said Monday that it has set its five-year capital expenditure and operating expenditure budgets for 2013-2017 at US$14.77bn and US$9.90bn respectively. (Dow Jones Newswires, 21/01/13)

Comment: A major lagger in the market Continue reading Stocks in the news (drt, pttep, sgp, tvd) – 22.01.13