Stocks in the news (bch, ck, cpn, pttep, siri, bgh) 25.01.13

BCH – WMC opening soon — BCH will open its high-end World Medical Centre (WMC) in Chaeng Wattana. The hospital is expected to attract higher premium and international patients. Phase 1 will consist of 150 hospital beds before its grand opening of 324 beds. BCH expects revenues to grow by 25% this year, as it plans to also open four small hospitals and clinics. (Khao Hoon, 25/01/13)

Comment: Another hospital play, we’ve been waiting to see how WMC will perform, its been delayed for a while now, but looking at the location it has in CW, with no other “quality” private hospitals nearby, it could very well be a winner

CK – Green Line contracts okayed — The board of the MRTA approved two Green Line contracts (Bearing – Samutprakarn), awarded to CK, after it reduced project price to Bt2.4bn from Bt2.46bn. The board is confident that the contract will be signed in February. (Khao Hoon, 25/01/13)

CPN – Big Chinese New Year campaign — CPN and its partners will invest Bt50mn into “The Great Chinese New Year 2013” campaign that will be held on Feb 7-Mar 10. The campaign is expected to help boost sales over the Chinese New Year festival by 15-20%. (Khao Hoon, 25/01/13)

Comment: Used to love this stock, but way too expensive for our tastes Continue reading Stocks in the news (bch, ck, cpn, pttep, siri, bgh) 25.01.13

Thailand maintains its BBB+ rating

Who still listens to credit ratings?

S&P’s senior director of sovereign ratings Tan Kim Eng said on Thursday that S&P’s decision  as based on the fact that Thailand is at risk of having a problem of high public debt in the future, even though it has strong economic fundamentals.

Regardless, Thailand maintained its BBB+ rating by S&P for 2013, I was expecting for Thailand’s credit rating to actually improve given that the country hasn’t had any political issues for a while, the economy has proven to be strong despite all the issues over the past 10 years (tsunami, bird flu, pig flu, riots, coup’s etc etc), the debt-to-GDP ratio is still low versus the rest of the world, I believe it really should just be a matter of time before Thailand gets upgraded to an A- and then watch the increased fund flow into the capital markets and the Thai Baht continuing to get stronger.

Source: Bangkok Post