Management Trades 14.01.13 to 18.01.13

Notable Transactions:

Buy(s):  THB 100 mn

  • AH – The Chairman/CEO decides to acquire some shares, AH has been a massive underperformer versus SAT, this was as a result from the past issues with it bought KPN Auto back in 07/08
  • BANPU – Major shareholder decides to accumulate more shares
  • BGH – This stock price continues to go and over the weekend I had a conversation regarding the potential of it going further, if hospitals can be sold into a REIT next year, then Bt. 200/share wouldn’t be impossible..yes you’ll have read it here first :)

Sell(s): THB 164 mn

  • BGH – See Above
  • PS – The run up of the property sector has me incredibly worried…

130121 mgmt_trades

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