Stocks in the news (ADVANC, AMATA, BBL, bec, bmcl, gstel, true) – 18.01.13

ADVANC – Expects to be #1 in 3G — ADVANC states that its four core strengths, “network-equipment-application-service”, will help it compete in the 3G market. The company is ready to invest Bt13bn in the first phase to expand its network, as it targets to be the number one provider for 3G service. (Khao Hoon, 18/01/13)
Comment: Company has been a fantastic performer over the past 18 months with the lead up to the 3G announcements as well as with global investors chasing yields, have my doubts on it continuing to outperform though

AMATA – Change from selling to leasing will still provide growth — AMATA is confident that its revenue and earnings in 2013 will continue to grow after changing its strategy from selling to leasing land. The company has more than 14K rai of land bank to develop, supporting demand for the next four to five years. It will list its Vietnam unit, AMATAV, in 2Q13. (Khao Hoon, 18/01/13)
Comment: Commented on similar news before. This will have a negative impact on its earnings short term, but does arguably help to smoothen out earnings over the next 5 years.

BBL – Expects loan growth to maintain momentum — Bangkok Bank expects further loan growth after the 9.1% expansion in 2012 that pushed up its net profit to Bt33bn. (The Nation, 18/01/13)
Comment: Banks can close their eyes and still make at least 10% growth rates this year.

BEC – Looking for partner for digital TV — BEC World Plc, the SET-listed broadcaster of Channel 3, is looking for strategic partners to be network providers for digital TV channels to strengthen its financial status and business ability. It is reported that Thai PBS began talking with a number of broadcasters and telecom operators including Channel 3 about partnership as the joint network provider. However, it is too early for both sides to say anything about this project. Apart from being a network provider, the company has also expressed an interest in obtaining licenses to run three digital TV channels, with content for children, news and high definition. (Bangkok Post, 18/01/2013)

BMCL – MRTA trying to cut price on 4th Purple Line contract — The MRTA is negotiating with BMCL to reduce the price on the construction contract for the 4th contract for the Purple Line, worth Bt85bn. It expects to conclude the discussions next week. (Khao Hoon, 18/01/13)
Comment: Not sure how this benefits the listed entity, stock has been on a tear however.

GSTEL – Under new management, confident in future — GSTEL has set up a new management team and is confident that its business plan will turn its business around after the capital increase. The company expects to start production in mid-February and expects to break even within 2Q13. The consolidation with GJS is expected to be completed this year. (Khao Hoon, 18/01/13)
Comment: A well known company that is fantastic at screwing over minority shareholders, if you put a gun to my head and told me to buy a steel company in thailand I would only choose TSTH or perhaps SSI once the recap is complete

TRUE – Lays out 2013 targets — TRUE targets Bt10bn revenue in 2013; Bt7bn from True Online, Bt2bn from True Move and Bt1bn from others. TRUE has installed a 1Gb hi-speed internet connection in MBK shopping center with a five-year contract for Bt60mn. (Khao Hoon, 18/01/13)

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