Stocks in the news (bland, ktc, prin, ptt, sc, singer, tog) – 12.02.13


Earnings announcement this week — BLAND will announced is 3Q12 earnings this week and profits are expected to reach Bt2bn, pushing its P/E to as low as 13x, with an EPS of Bt0.15. It will not be limited to cash balance after its P/E has dropped significantly and trading volume this week is limited to no more than Bt2bn. In the meantime, K. Anan Kanjanapart is said to have bought 6mn shares. (Khao Hoon, 12/02/13)

Comment: We’ve commented/joked about this stock enough of the past few months since K. Anan begun buying shares under his name in a big way.


Asserts expansion capital no problem — KTC says that the company has sufficient capital to fund its expansion. It plans to issue a bond of in a range of Bt7-10bn in 3Q13. It targets 2013 revenue growth of at least 10% with market share of 15-20%. (Khao Hoon, 12/02/13)

Comment: Loved the turnaround story of this company, surprised no one picked it up in the forums :p 


Bt3bn revenue target — PRIN targets revenue of Bt3.3bn in 2013. It plans to launch seven projects worth Bt6bn. Currently, PRIN has Bt1.8bn backlog on hand, all of which will be booked this year. It expects to raise its selling prices 6-7% in response to higher costs. 2012 results will be released on 27 February, 2013. (Tun Hoon, 12/02/13) Continue reading Stocks in the news (bland, ktc, prin, ptt, sc, singer, tog) – 12.02.13