Management Trades – Jan ’13

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) – THB 639 mn

  • AH – The owner has been buying the whole month
  • BANPU – We still don’t like Banpu @ this value..still think its worth 20-30% less
  • BGH – Odd transaction with both parties on buy/sell
  • BLAND – K. Ananttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! 
  • PF – Owner and management buy big stakes and have been on a PR campaign touting their sales potential
  • STA – Never really was convinced that management weren’t trading the underlying commodity
  • TUF – Management and owners had been selling heavily above THB 70/share, first buy seen in a while.

Sell(s) – THB 1 bn

  • BGH – See above
  • BTS – The owner takes profit on its warrants
  • HYDRO – THB 140mn sold, says a lot about the valuation
  • KBS – Worried about Sugar price this year?
  • KDH – Sale related to BGH transaction
  • PS – Management sells off a substantial stake

130210 jan_mgmttrades

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