Stocks in the news (ap, kbank, mcot, siri, umi) – 01.03.12


Backlog Bt28bn, revenue target Bt22bn in 2013 — AP said its backlog is Bt28.353bn and confirms its target revenue of Bt22bn this year. The company is to launch 21 new projects worth Bt23.570bn this year. In 2012, revenues were Bt17.31bn with net profit of Bt2.33bn, a 50% increase YoY. (Khao Hoon, 01/03/13)


Kasikornbank first with two presidents — Kasikornbank (KBANK) has restructured its senior management in a bid to further its aim of moving its life insurance business forward and has appointed two presidents, both of whom will report to Khun Banthoon Lamsam. (Bangkok Post, 01/0313)


MCOT earmarks Bt3 bn for new digital network – MCOT is prepared to invest Bt3bn on a new network for digital terrestrial TV after licenses are issued this year. (The Nation, 01/03/12) Continue reading Stocks in the news (ap, kbank, mcot, siri, umi) – 01.03.12

Dusit envisions hospitality upgrade

Dusit International (DTC) has more than 60 years’ experience in the hotel and hospitality field. Founded in 1949 by honorary chairwoman Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui, whose first hotel was The Princess on Bangkok’s Charoen Krung Road, DTC has since acquired a unique portfolio of distinctive hotels in Thailand and abroad. Chanin Donavanik, the managing director and chief executive, discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.


What is DTC’s business model?

DTC has three core businesses: owning hotel assets, hotel management and education. We have been a hotel owner for a very long time, and currently the majority of the hotels we own are predominantly in Thailand. However, we are looking to expand our investments abroad. Our second business, hotel management, is a natural extension of hotel ownership. We manage most of our own hotels, and in fact there are only two we do not own.

Under hotel management we have four sub-brands _ Dusit Thani, which targets the premium five-star segment, Dusit Princess in the four-star segment, dusitD2 in the boutique segment and Dusit Devarana in the boutique luxury segment.

Finally, in education, Dusit Thani College has been focused on the hospitality business for 20 years. We have partnered with E{aac}cole Ho{aci}teliere de Lausanne, one of the top hotel schools in Switzerland, and also initiated a programme with the Lyceum of the Philippines University in 2009. Continue reading Dusit envisions hospitality upgrade

Stocks in the news (hydro, prin, samart, sricha, wha) 28.01.13

Gets two projects in Myanmar — HYDRO signed for two water treatment projects in Myanmar this year, worth a total of more than Bt1bn. The management is confident that revenues this year will reach Bt1.1bn, up 25% YoY, supported by its current backlog of Bt11bn. The company is also looking to win more projects worth Bt1.5bn. (Khao Hoon, 28/02/13)

Comment: Great business model, but stupidly overpriced


Seven new projects to bring sales to Bt3.3bn — PRIN targets sales of Bt3.3bn this year from the opening of seven new projects worth Bt6bn. Its current backlog stands at Bt1.8bn. The company reports net profits of Bt354.24mn in 2012, an increase of 74% YoY from Bt203mn. It will also be paying dividends of Bt0.80 per share. (Tun Hoon, 28/02/13)

Comment: A decently priced property stock @ 7.7x trailing PE O__o, a rarity these days.


Net profit jumps 28% YoY — SAMART achieved impressive earnings in 2012 with net profit of Bt1.071bn, a 28% increase YoY. The company targets revenues this year to jump to Bt30bn with a rise in profit of 50% supported by strong growth in the telecommunications business. (Khao Hoon, 28/02/13)

Comment: Yes we know this company is political, yes we know that the its an iffy investment at times, but 12 months ago we loved it for the upside, still has some way to go we think Continue reading Stocks in the news (hydro, prin, samart, sricha, wha) 28.01.13