Stocks in the news (bay, banpu, gunkul, stec, tfd) – 07.03.13


BAY, top 10 developers go for quality clients – Bank of Ayudhya is partnering with the country’s top 10 property developers to offer attractive loan terms, including zero interest on initial repayments, to home-buyers seen as high-quality borrowers. (The Nation, 07/03/13)


To sell 48mn tons of coal in 2013 — BANPU targets 48mn tons of coal sales this year, with stable revenues of Bt110bn. It is to take on a cost-focused strategy this year to support its margins. BANPU sees that the coal industry is moving towards stabilization. (Khao Hoon, 07/03/13)

Comment: Still a good company, but not attractive, analysts are only starting to realising its because they sold off a major part of their business 2 years ago

GUNKUL Says 2013 earnings growth will exceed revenue growth — GUNKUL is confident that earnings growth this year will exceed revenue growth, which is expected to grow by 10%. It has a backlog of Bt1.2bn and expects backlog to reach Bt1.6bn by yearend, supported by foundation work for GPG worth Bt600-700mn. It will invest US$50mn in at least one project in Myanmar; more information will be forthcoming in 2Q13. (Khao Hoon, 07/03/13)

Comment: Loved this company 2 years ago, recurring income is always great Continue reading Stocks in the news (bay, banpu, gunkul, stec, tfd) – 07.03.13