And we’re back!

The site was down for a few days and honestly I didn’t feel the need to get the blog up and running immediately. There has to be a point to running this site, and whether or not my colleagues and I want to be ranked #1, broaden the type of content currently put on etc. etc..

What I don’t want to do is give financial advice or tell anyone what to invest in, time frames, risk-return frameworks really are very different depending upon the person/group/celestial being. I don’t want for this to feel like a chore. Thus as my first boss would ask, what’s the So What? What is the point of this site?

Well it’s a slightly selfish endeavour as it does allow us to synthesize our thoughts upon what we see in the news, markets, books and so forth, and the majority of the content is what I find to be interesting, market specific or not. And in the end, it shall remain to be so!

So expect more ramblings, less stats (unless I find someone else willing to do the work to make things look presentable), oddball commentary, a chart here and there, perhaps even a cartoon. Hope you enjoy it :)