CAWOW, still ongoing….

Hahaha I remember this one well, one of the first companies we started writing about…movement upon consumer protections here in Thailand are still quite slow, then again anything that has to go through a government body will take time.

Description: group of 639 members of the bankrupt California WOW (CAWOW) health club gathered on Sunday to decide on their next move, complaining that authorities have made no progress in helping settle their grievances. Continue reading CAWOW, still ongoing….

Stocks in the news (pttgc) 02.04.13

News flow from companies has quieted down, well its holiday time soon anyways.


PTTGC nears Indonesia JV — PTTGC has moved closer to jointly setting up a US$5bn petrochemical complex with Indonesia’s national oil conglomerate, PT Pertamina. A deal signed yesterday by the two partners kick-started a feasibility study for the naphtha-based project on Java. Called “Indonesia Pride”, the complex is expected to begin production with an olefin unit in 2017 to capture growing demand for plastic in Indonesia. (Bangkok Post, 02/04/13)