Is the Thai Market expensive?

Well its a question we’ve been asking for a while, so last week we decided to take a quick a look at how the sector weightings have changed since the end of ’07 and its quite surprising. In the past we’ve always taken for granted that Resources were the biggest weighting in the SET, however this no longer is the case and quite simply the Property, Service and Tech sectors now rep close to 50% of the Thai market, have had traditionally higher P/E #’s (though are higher today), hence the high P/E ratio’s that we see today.


BoT maintains rates @ 2.75%

As much as I like to throw mud at the central bank of Thailand. While having a discussion with a friend yesterday regarding investments, he brought up a point stating that the Central Bank of Thailand’s foundation is one of the key reasons that Thailand has done so well and through its inflation-targeting has been able to keep Thailand on a relatively stable economic path. At first I scoffed at this notion, a Central Bank…doing a good job? That’s a scandalous comment in today’s world! However a night to think about it, and yup he’s right, so for a rare moment I shall applaud thee @ the BOT for doing a decent job since ’98 in keeping Thailand
on a straight path.

The Bank of Thailand’s Monetary Policy Committee voted 5:1 to keep the policy interest rate at 2.75% for a fourth straight month at its meeting on Wednesday, resisting the government’s calls for an easing as it strives to cool currency gains.

Source: Bangkok Post