Weekly Management Trades – 29/04 to 03/05

Notable transactions

Buy(s): THB 471.5

  • PAE – Eh?! How did the MD manage to buy this amount of shares at such a discount to market, we’ve done 10-20% but 35%?
  • PM – Interesting, despite the stock rallying strongly to this level, management still decides to purchase 50 mil baht worth
  • TFD – Again I have no idea how this transaction was done @ THB 2/share when the mkt price is @ 13….

Sell(s): THB 54.7

  • n/a

130507 mgmt trades weekly

Stocks in the news (CPF, HMPRO) 07.05.13


CPF puts foreign projects on fast track to tap strong baht — CPF has accelerated its investment overseas with a series of new food projects to take advantage of cheap financing costs. Some projects to materialize this year include a chicken burger production unit in the UK and the launch of ready-to-eat meals production in Australia and the US. (Bangkok Post, 03/05/13)

Comment: Fairly interesting developments with the Australia and US production openings. Still this has been one frustrating stock over the past 12 months


Home Pro busy — HMPRO reported a first quarter net profit of Bt691.49mn, up 12.87% YoY. Net sales grew 11.69% to Bt9.40bn YoY, driven by new stores. Gross profit jumped 78.98% to Bt2.44bn while rental and service income climbed 9.73% to Bt267.20mn as a result of increase in space rental income of retail space at HomePro and Market Village. (Bangkok Post, 73/05/13)

Comment: This company just continues to impress