Another small IPO

Just saw this on biznews the other day. Now I’m not promoting this in anyway, but I’ll draw attention to the size of the IPO, its 44 mil shares @ THB 1.30/share, a massive amount @ THB 57.2 mn (yes i’m being sarcastic). Look its a small IPO, the stock price will most likely pop up when it opens, its nearly impossible to get any shares in this unless one is close to the company or the FA and I can guarantee that the management of the SET/MAI will point to the successes of new IPOs.

I’m very happy to see more companies going public as it helps to develop Thailand’s capital markets, and I’m not doubting this company’s ability to in its business, but just be wary when people begin touting about how well IPOs perform…

MAI: mai adds new listed securities: SANKO to be traded on May 9, 2013

Listing : Common stock

Company name : SANKO DIECASTING (THAILAND) PUBLIC Continue reading Another small IPO