Its opportunity day time!

With 1Q13 earnings all due by today, the past 7-10 days have been nothing but late nights going for myself and the team, going through the numbers n performance of each company we have positions in, may want to have positions, outliers etc etc…And as is usual with earnings season comes the opportunity days @ the SET, its always good to go and have a listen and talk to management about their businesses, see the link below for the schedule from the SET.



Stocks in the news (true) 15.05.13


True eager for three licenses — True Corporation looks set to view for three digital terrestrial TV licenses in a strategic move to consolidate its cable TV business following the challenge of dark hourse CTH. It also plans to expand its mobile and cable TV networks to Myanmar this year its CEO said. (Bangkok Post, 15/05/13)

Comment: We see True as a major loser regarding the digital tv licenses, their balance sheet is weak and they’ll have trouble competing against the other operators. As for Myanmar comment, PR rubbish.