Stocks in the news (mcot) 21.06.12


MCOT: In digital TV deal. MCOT has reached an agreement with CAT Telecom to use its telecom infrastructure across the country as gap fillers to supplement its upcoming digital TV broadcasting services from its 140 existing broadcasting sites. This will help the company to expand its digital terrestrial TV network in the country as planned. (Source: The Nation)

Comment: Similar to BEC, this company will essentially lose its positioning in the market when the digital tv programme comes online

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One thought on “Stocks in the news (mcot) 21.06.12”

  1. Hi Pon.

    MCOT, is one of my core holdings for dividends. Your comment regarding MCOT losing its position in the digital market when digital TV programs come online is worrisome. Please clarify a bit more as I am also interested in your opinion . I was led to believe by my MO that MCOT will continue to be a big player.


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