Sector Update 01/07 to 05/07

Energy/resources were finally a support for the market last week. But the main theme remains that foreign investors are still selling out of Thailand and the region as a whole. This week the only interesting thing is that the Ministry of Finance is meeting, however we doubt anything will happen except for further downgrades on the 2013 GDP outlook.




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Stocks in the news (bbl, bec, ckp, msc, ssi, trc, vih) 08.07.13

BBL: Expects good 2Q13 earnings. BBL is forecasted to report good earnings of over Bt10b in 2Q13 (up 15-18% yoy). Key drivers will be a pick-up in loan growth, stable NIM, strong fee momentum (backed by wealth management and bancassuarnce) and stable credit costs. (Source: BBL)

Comment: Every bank will have a good 1H13 but 2H13 will have slower growth

BEC: World aiming for 1-2 variety licences. If BEC World wins commercial terrestrial digital TV licences in the upcoming auction, it could broaden its mass audience and broadcast programmes that vary from its analogue Channel 3. BEC World plans to establish a separate company for the bidding to avoid legal conflicts under the concession from MCOT to its subsidiary Bangkok Entertainment Co for Channel 3. It plans to continue operating Channel 3 until its concession expires in Mar 20. BEC World is aiming for one high definition (HD) variety licence and one standard definition (SD) variety licence, but if the bidding competition is too fierce, it might go for only one of them. News takes up half of Channel 3’s airtime. BEC World wants to expand its viewership from its stronghold in major cities. The NBTC requires digital TV network providers, which will serve terrestrial digital broadcasters, to extend their network to 50% of the population in the first year, 80% in the second year, 90% in the third and 95% in the fourth year. This will enable the digital TV stations to give service with equal network coverage. (Source: The Nation)

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