Now this is a good app for Thai Stocks

My friends over at Shareinvestor Thailand just launched this app yesterday and my my have I enjoyed it. Essentially they have gathered all of their clients here in Thailand (some 150 or so) and put their annual reports (for the past 3 years) available to read in English/Thai here in this simple app. photo And the best news? It’s free!

Only one point to nitpick, I would love it if they could have all possible annual reports here.

What happened this week 15/07 – 19/07


  • Two asked to nominate next BoT chairman – The Bank of Thailand board is asking the central bank’s governor and the permanent secretary of the Finance Ministry to nominate candidates for a new chairman of the board by July 29, on expectations of selecting a name by mid-August before forwarding the choice to the finance minister for approval. The term of the current chairman, Virabongsa Ramangkura, will end on August 1 when he turns 70 years old, as required by the Bank of Thailand Act B.E. 2551. (The Nation, 19/07/13)
  • BoI urges firms to think global — More than 80 Thai companies have decided to invest abroad to offset rising domestic costs and the expiry of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) privileges. (Bangkok Post, 18/07/13) Continue reading What happened this week 15/07 – 19/07

Jeweller jubilee aims to sparkle for all stakeholders

The SET-listed Jubilee Enterprise Plc (JUBILE), a leading retailer of diamond jewellery in Thailand with nearly 100 outlets, has delivered average net profit growth of 40% per year from 2009-12, and it continued to impress shareholders with 30% year-on-year growth in this year’s first quarter. Chief financial officer Unyarat Pornprakit discusses the strategies behind the company’s success and how it plans to maintain its growth in the future.

Your growth in the past three years has been impressive. How did you achieve that?

We’ve been trying our best to deliver the performance we promised investors during our IPO in 2009. That was the same time that we introduced a new diamond jewellery collection, The Excellence, to reinforce our Jubilee brand value. We have refreshed our brand positioning, strengthened product designs and lineups, rebalanced product mix to optimise margins and introduced a loyalty programme. All of these have led to a higher level of brand awareness and customer base expansion. As a result, they have been reflected in our bottom-line growth.


Thai consumers have become more sophisticated, says Ms Unyarat. Continue reading Jeweller jubilee aims to sparkle for all stakeholders

Stocks in the news (bafs, banpu, ck, ckp, ptt, pttgc, rml, wha) 19.07.13

BAFS 30% earnings growth expected — BAFS expects 2013-14 earnings to grow by 30%, supported by an increase in fuel usage in Don Muang and Suvanabhumbi of 5%. It plans to expand its transportation network from Bangpa-In to Lampang, for an investment cost of Bt65bn, and expects conclusion on this by the end of this year. Its Suvanabhumbi Airport oil pipeline Phase 2 project is also in progress (Tun Hoon, 19/07/13).

Comment: This company was an easy yield play back in 2013 as it grew with the Bangkok Airport and used to offer 7-8% yields, but now with a 3% yield meh…although the 30% growth is a positive 

BANPU winds up share buy-back, board approves 5% cut in capital — BANPU has closed its share buy-back scheme after spending Bt3.9bn. Its board of directors promptly approved a 5% reduction in registered capital. Brokers do not see any adverse impact on BANPU’s fundamentals. (The Nation, 19/07/13)

Comment: Share buyback done so the support for the stock price, temporarily, is gone

CK/CKP CKP does well in first day of trading, now CK wants to list another subsidiary — CKP closed 23% above its IPO price at Bt16.00 yesterday. CK now wants to list one of its subsidiaries on the London Stock Exchange in 2020 and said that the delay in the Bt2trn infrastructure bill will not affect business since the company has a current backlog of Bt36bn. (Khao Hoon, 19/07/13)

Comment: CKP still rubbish. 1% yield for 2 years, no thank you. Continue reading Stocks in the news (bafs, banpu, ck, ckp, ptt, pttgc, rml, wha) 19.07.13