Retail investors still dominating SET volumes

Was just quickly browsing through KK’s latest presentation to investors and while I was initially looking for the potential NPL’s I came across this slide:

What we take from it are:

  • Retail Investors still dominate the SET and MAI, and this with a doubling in the average daily value traded.
  • Foreign investors have exited Thailand to a certain extent
  • The doubling of average daily value traded must be an absolute boom for brokers, wouldn’t be surprised to see some names post fantastic 2013 numbers, may be trading opp @ the very least. kk_mktparticipants

 Source: Kiatnakin Bank 2Q13

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2 thoughts on “Retail investors still dominating SET volumes”

  1. Hi Pon

    Do you have stats on who the biggest brokers in Thailand are? Any idea how they are broken down into retail / corporate clientele?

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