Stocks in the news (bts, ccp, dna, hemraj, ratch, thai) 13.08.13

BTS on fast track – BTS Group Holdings Plc (BTS) reported a reviewed net profit of Bt10.82bn in its first quarter ending June 30 this year, up 5,463.37% YoY. Total revenue surged 1,358.2% to Bt16.04bn during the period, primarily due to both stronger operating performance and gains from the sale of net fare-box revenue to BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund. (Bangkok Post, 13/08/13)

Comment: A large cap with a high single digit dividend yield, been the easiest play for most investors

CCP Announces share and cash dividend — CCP will pay a share dividend of 7.8572 for each share and cash dividend of Bt0.0142/share. Dividends will be XD on Sept 13th. CCP-W2 will pay dividends of 4.4287 shares for 1 new warrant and it is to be XW on Sept 25th. 2Q13 earnings grew 50% YoY due to lower management and financial costs. (Khao Hoon, 13/08/13)

Comment: Never liked share dividends, don’t know much about this co

DNA Expects 3Q13 to repeat 2Q13 — DNA expects revenues and profits for 3Q13 to be similar to 2Q13, after revenues for 2Q13 reached Bt431mn, with net profit of Bt24.47mn. The company is to acquire a new business, “Mr. Bun”, worth Bt100mn in 3Q13. (Khao Hoon, 13/08/13)

HEMRAJ New estate in Rayong — HEMRAJ is to open a 1,200 rai new industrial estate in Rayong. It aims to sell factories and warehouses worth Bt4.5bn into an infrastructure fund in 4Q13. It also said it would be raising its land sales target of 1,800 rai after a surge in customer demand. (Khao Hoon, 13/08/13)

Comment: Still by the far and away the best managed industrial estate firm in Thailand

RATCH To bid for Macquarie sale —RATCH is filing to bid for the acquisition of the 4,640MW electricity generation plant from Macquarie that is to be held on Aug 19. The acquisition will push its capacity up to 7,800MW in 2016 from its current capacity of 5,300MW. (Khao Hoon, 13/08/13)

THAI Huge loss expected in 2Q13 — THAI is expected to post a loss of Bt7.8bn for 2Q13. Earnings will be released on Aug 14. (Khao Hoon, 13/08/13)

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