Stocks in the news (beauty, bmcl, cnt, scc, siri, tsf) 03.09.13


Confident in target — BEAUTY is confident revenues will hit target growth of 30% and said that the economic slowdown will have no impact on its business, with sales in the second half expected to continue to grow, supported by the opening of new branches and launch of new products. The company expects to open new branches in Laos and Vietnam in 4Q13. (Khao Hoon, 03/09/13)


Hopes for Purple line contract ok today — BMCL is ready to sign the Purple line contract, hoping for cabinet approval today after it cut its bid down to Bt82.625bn. (Khao Hoon, 03/09/13)

Comment: If you have to choose a mass transit operator then go for BTS instead of BMCL

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‎Random thoughts: Have the highways ever been this empty?

With the expressway tolls increasing for the first time in a few years from 45 to 50 baht per trip, I haven’t experienced such light traffic on the highways in bangkok for donkey years, reminds me of the holiday periods when Bangkok is normally empty.

If you want to watch English football, Spanish football, German football, TV shows, news shows, you may need up to 4 cable boxes, who’s going to win/lose from this?

Inflation for thailand was announced yesterday at 2-3 year lows with the headline figure at 2.5% and core at 1.1%, and now the price of LPG ‎for households, electricity rates and tollway prices are going up, hmmm so that’s why they increased the minimum wage?!

CP group is looking to acquire another asset, this time in Hong Kong, he’s having a good time using bank funds to own assets

The Thai government has now decided to place a floor under rubber prices, my mother said it best, “when people were making money they were quiet and now that they lose money they are making noise and expecting help, don’t they know how business works?”

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the market narrative has gone from, ignore the poor economy, we have the fed reducing rates and pumping liquidity to Ahhhh ignore the improve fundamentals, liquidity is leaving the system! How fickle markets are…

Finally, how bad are things going to get for markets? Here’s a worst case scenario a friend thought out loud, if the forex rates of thailands neighbouring countries ‎continue to worsen, the Thai government continues with silly populist polices, the Thai baht is no longer attractive for businesses to setup for export, foreign holdings in Thai bonds are still incredibly high, all it takes is one event for it all to collapse, now things couldn’t really get that bad..could it?!?