Stocks in the news (jutha, lpn, mint, ptt, ratch, slc, tog) 16.09.13


Board approves capital increase — JUTHA’s board has approved a capital increase of 49mn shares, priced at Bt4.50/share; 22.45mn will be privately placed (PP). (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)

Comment: Looking to buy more ships?


GFP raises LPN holding — The Government Pension Fund (GPF) has increased its holding in LPN by 10mn shares to 36.37mn shares. LPN management says revenues for 9M13 are expected to reach Bt10bn and Bt15bn by year end. (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)

Comment: Fantastic news for one of the best well-run property co’s

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Random Thoughts: Summers out Yellen in?

We awoke this morning to news that Larry Summers has taken himself out of the running for the Fed position, whats happened? US dollar weakening, Asian markets are up, Dow futures up over 1% but oil & gold look flat
The Association of Securities Companies (ASCO) looks to lower the amount that local prop traders can trade because retail investors are complaining that they have dumping shares at the last hour of each session…ok…well there goes about 5% of the markets volume.
Digital TV’s are finally coming! Of the total 48 channels (24 commercial, 12 public, 12 community), several companies are bidding for the 24 commerical channels as that is where all the ad spending will be, we still think meh to this sector though, its going to be a long roll out and could be years before any of these listed co’s actually benefitl.
Finally, I’m off to Europe this evening for the next 2 weeks, content on the blog may change slightly, looking forward to the trip, always combine business/pleasure, Russia ought to be intriguing, Vodka, Caviar and the Kremlin, should be great!