Snippet from Raimon land’s condo focus

Big thanks goes to Simon Derville over at Raimon Land for allowing me to contribute to their annual report on Thailand’s property sector with my thoughts on Thailand, aec, and the market.


If you want a complete picture on how Thailand’s property market was in the past, how it is today, who the major players are, the impact of REITS, Thailand versus the region and the city planning for Bangkok, you can’t do better than this report. A seriously well done report.

Source: Raimon Land


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One thought on “Snippet from Raimon land’s condo focus”

  1. Wow as an individual who invested in a certain real estate stock for 3 years and has other real estates stocks on my watch list. I can tell you that this report is very useful to me. I just feel that a bubble is being inflated for all the wrong reasons. Thanks and keep writing your articles. There insightful.

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