Stocks in the news (beauty, grammy, gunkul, malee, nok, sorkon) 13.09.13


2013 revenue growth of 30% plus — BEAUTY is confident that revenues will grow by more than 30% and profits to grow by 20% as the company pushes to open new branches and launch new products and promotional campaigns to boost sales. (Khao Hoon, 13/09/13)

Comment: I do wonder if this will be a future KAMART that also went through massive expansion only to suffer


All capital increase shares taken — GRAMMY sold all of its 106.05mn new shares and pocketed Bt1.060bn. The proceeds will be used to invest in digital TV. Two of its subsidiaries purchased bidding envelopes for HD and SD channels. (Khao Hoon, 13/09/13)


Expects 2013 revenue growth of 10% — GUNKUL expects revenues this year to grow no less than 10% supported by its Bt1.1bn backlog and as it waits for bidding results of projects worth more than Bt2.5bn. As for the solar rooftop project, it will partner up with 4-5 other companies and bid for up to 60MW, expecting to get 20-30MW from the auction. (Khao Hoon, 13/09/13)

Comment: Their earnings in the past 2 years were only decent because of share divestment, don’t just trade this based on P/E which brokers show.


New, healthy product line — MALEE introduced its newest project, “MALEE Healthy Plus”, adding a new line to its traditional vegetable and fruit processing. The company targets sales growth this year of no less than 10%. (Khao Hoon, 13/09/13)

Comment: The greatest example of an X’mas tree stock chart.


Announces 1H13 dividend — NOK is paying a 1H13 DPS of Bt0.54/share (XD on 25 Sep 2013), implying dividend yield of 2.3%. (SET)


Partnering with major food players soon — SORKON will be signing a partnership contract with one of Thailand’s major food players next month. Its expects second half to top first half, boosted by a planned increase in selling prices. However, it has cut its sales target for the year down to 10% from 15%. It plans to sell land worth Bt1bn by the end of the year. (Khao Hoon, 13/09/13)

Comment: I love their food! Their Zaap restaurant has the best isarn food around, and I’m looking forward to them doubling their capacity on the seafood side of the business


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