Stocks in the news (jutha, lpn, mint, ptt, ratch, slc, tog) 16.09.13


Board approves capital increase — JUTHA’s board has approved a capital increase of 49mn shares, priced at Bt4.50/share; 22.45mn will be privately placed (PP). (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)

Comment: Looking to buy more ships?


GFP raises LPN holding — The Government Pension Fund (GPF) has increased its holding in LPN by 10mn shares to 36.37mn shares. LPN management says revenues for 9M13 are expected to reach Bt10bn and Bt15bn by year end. (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)

Comment: Fantastic news for one of the best well-run property co’s


Minor International (MINT) invests in boutique resort in Cambodia. As part of its filing to the Stock Exchange of Thailand this week, Lodging Management (Mauritius) Ltd, a 100% held subsidiary of Hospitality Investment International Ltd (BVI), itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Minor Hotel Group, held in entirety by MINT, said it had acquired an 80% stake worth US$6.4mn (Bt192mn) in a new joint-venture company, Sothea Pte Ltd, to be owner of The Sothea in Siem Reap. The transaction is aimed at strengthening MINT’s presence in Southeast Asia and establishing the footprint of its Anantara brand in Cambodia. (Nation, September 14,2013)

Comment: Small impact on the overall numbers for MINT, but this company really isn’t a thai-only firm anymore, over 1/3 of revenues come from the rest of the world


PTT ready to buy LNG from Shell if it can be a partner – PTT might consider purchasing liquefied natural gas from Shell if it can be a partner in Shell’s gas exploration and production activities. (The Nation, 16/09/13)


Subsidiary sells stake in Sukhothai Energy — A subsidiary of RATCH sold its 26% stake in the Sukhothai Energy for Bt20.80mn. It also won work in Laos worth Bt87mn. (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)


Subsidiary to bid for digital TV — SLC subsidiary, Spring News TV, will bid for a news channel in the TV digital auction. Management sees that the winning of the bid will help boost revenues for the company. It is confident that revenues for 2013 will reach Bt300mn. (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)

Comment: Not to sure where SLC has the money for this, assets @ THB 600mn, equity at THB 500mn, another cap increase perhaps?


Expects to achieve 10-15% growth goal — TOG expects revenues to grow as targeted at 10-15% this year, supported by strong 3Q13 earnings due to higher orders and the weaker baht. It will be booking flood insurance claims in 3Q13. (Khao Hoon, 16/09/13)

Comment: Loved this co back in the day, and if its @ the right price, we’d be happy holders


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