Stocks in the news (banpu, ratch, grammy, kce, hydro, pae, sim) 01.10.13


RATCH in talks over Bt40bn coal plant — Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc (RATCH) is in talks with ASEAN’s leading coal miner Banpu Plc to develop a Bt40bn coal-fired power plant in Indonesia (700MW) as part of its strategy to maintain business growth. The new possibility in Indonesia is now undergoing a feasibility study for a mine-mouth power plant. If it’s worth investing in, RATCH and BANPU could venture developing that project. The study is expected to be completed by this year. (Bangkok Post, 01/10/13)

Comment: This is interesting, it would be the second time the two companies would work together, first was with the Laos Hongsa Power project. Not to sure on the split between the two and how it would affect the bottom lines just yet.


Improvement QoQ in 3Q13 — GRAMMY says 3Q13 earnings beat second quarter and it continues to target revenue growth of 10%. It said it has Bt4bn cash on hand to bid in the digital TV auction. One of its subsidiaries has won the license to broadcast Euro 2016 and World cup 2018 qualifiers. (Khao Hoon, 01/10/13)

Comment: All positive news for GRAMMY thus far.

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Thai celebrities cost how much?!

Its just fun to read things like this, when compared to what international musicians/movie stars charge then Thai celebs are far cheaper.

And this comment by the owner of Ichitan is hilarious

Tan Passakornnatee, founder of Ichitan ready-to-drink green tea, and Ittipat Kulapongvanich, founder of Tao Kae Noi seaweed snacks, believe they can promote their brands without the help of celebrities. Mr Tan said his company’s marketing costs are about 10 times less when not using celebrities. Featuring himself as the presenter for the brand he can get the same successful results and sometimes better than expected.

Perhaps he fails to realise that he himself is a celebrity.



Source: Bangkok Post

Sector Update

The market rallied up some 9.5% mainly driven by the usual suspects, prop, tech and banks, in the past month to eek out the year’s return @ +1.8%. So the noise regarding the tapering has passed, and its unlikely to come back until 1Q14 we think, Europe has been quiet as well, so all we have left is politics in the US and politics in Thailand to create volatility in the markets.

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