Random Thoughts: The continued silliness in Thai Politics

Well now Pheu Thai has brought to the table a law that gives a blanket amnesty to law offenders, which includes everyone, yellow shirts, red shirts and good ol’ Mr T.
So what’s happened thus far:
1. The first reading was passed just under 2 months ago but aimed only at the non-leaders of the protests
2. Second reading is ready to go into parliament in early November.
3. In the meantime they are still talking about the charter amendments, the THB 2.2 trn borrowing bill etc etc
Could Pheu Thai make this all pass? Sure absolutely, the control the majority of the seats in parliament so why don’t they? Well there’s a small risk of confrontation with: Continue reading Random Thoughts: The continued silliness in Thai Politics

RICHARD KOO: I Can’t Find Anyone To Refute My Argument That America Is In A ‘QE Trap’

The QE tapering that never happened from a few months back sits in the back of our minds still as we sit here and wonder when will it happen, for now as the way things look, 2014 looks likely to be another year of continued easing and low rates world wide and Richard Koo here has put out a few good arguments stating that this may be the case for the next few years. Regardless its still something we have to be aware of.

Demand then falls in interest rate sensitive sectors such as automobiles and housing, causing the economy to slow and forcing the central bank to relax its policy stance. The economy heads towards recovery again, but as market participants refocus on the possibility of the central bank absorbing excess reserves, long-term rates surge in a repetitive cycle I have dubbed the QE “trap.”


Source: Business Insider

What happened this week 21/10 – 25/10


  • 2013 revenue increases 9.2% from last year — State revenue in fiscal 2013 ending Sept 30 totaled Bt2.16trn, up 9.2% from last fiscal year and 2.7% higher than target, said Somchai Sujjapongse, spokesman of the Finance Ministry. Tax collections by the revenue, excise and customs departments were 0.4% above target, while revenue from other state agencies and state-enterprise contributions was 45.8% and 1.4% higher than targets, respectively. (Bangkok Post, 21/10/13)
  • UTCC: price rises ahead — The UTCC says that a study shows many suppliers will raise product prices to reflect the increase in cost of raw material, labor, and other costs. The rise is estimated at 5% of the current price, and estimated to take place in 2014 rather than 2013, due to economic slowdown in the current year. (Kao Sod, 21/10/13) Continue reading What happened this week 21/10 – 25/10

The future is renewable for UAC

Universal Adsorbents & Chemicals Plc (UAC) focuses on investing in the renewable energy industry in Thailand and is an importer and distributor of more than 200 types of chemical products and equipment for companies in the petrochemical, oil and gas and utilities industries. President and CEO Kitti Jivacate discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.


Kitti: Aims for 21 CBG projects in the North

Why is UAC focusing on the biogas industry?

Biogas is clean energy similar to other renewable energies but there are several more positive elements such as the ability to reduce waste and emissions, which help the environment and communities in Thailand. As well, biogas helps farmers in areas where it’s difficult to grow other common crops such as tapioca, corn or rice, because the Napier grass grown to fuel biogas plants offers a high yield that can be cut six times per year, as we have experienced at our own plantation in Chiang Mai. Also, with the government promoting this industry by expanding the target of power production from biogas from 600 Megawatts to 3,600 MW, this is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. Continue reading The future is renewable for UAC

Stocks in the news (aot, bigc, bts, hmpro, ratch, tmb, uac) 25.10.13


AoT plans to increase airport taxes next year to cut its losses – The board of Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) plans to raise its passenger service charge from 100 baht to 200 baht for passengers on domestic flights and from 700 to 800 baht for passengers on international flights to cut its losses. AoT chairman Sita Divari said the board resolved to raise the fees yesterday and the new rates should take effect late next year. He said AoT would have to seek approval from the Civil Aviation Board and inform travelers six months in advance. Sqn Ldr Sita said the fee increases will add Bt3.8bn to AoT’s annual revenue of Bt16.7bn. (Bangkok Post, 25/10/13)

Comment: What an improvement for AOT


3Q13A: Net profit up 33% YoY — BIGC reported 3Q13 profit of Bt1.37bn, growth of 33% YoY. Sales grew 5.7% YoY and rental income and services were up 10.2% YoY. The growth in earnings came largely from the opening of new stores and improvement in existing stores along with regular marketing campaigns. (Khao Hoon, 25/10/13)

Comment: If you have a look @ their actual numbers net of this magical tax credit, they SSS and growth numbers were not positive at all


Gets its new train cars — BTS received five new trains with 20 carriages from China and will begin operating these on December 5, 2013. This will increase its total number of trains to 52 with 208 carriages to help support an average 700,000 passengers a day. (Khao Hoon, 25/10/13)

Comment: This will go some way to alleviating the long waiting queues we now have on the BTS during peak hours Continue reading Stocks in the news (aot, bigc, bts, hmpro, ratch, tmb, uac) 25.10.13