Random Thoughts: Politics & Telecoms

Politics – This is the first time I’ve seen so many white collar folks actually join in protests, Mr. T your respect is waning rather quickly, perhaps he should be less dictatorial in pushing things through parliament

Politics – CP Group had been telling their staff to take the day off and to go and join the protests, fairly obvious which side they are on hahaha,

Government scheme – THB 10 bn for cassava – another income guarantee, great so after the bungled rice scheme, a rubber scheme we can now add the cassava scheme to it, hey government can you guarantee paying my team and I the equivalent for 20% p.a. for our clients too please? We promise to spend it on things we don’t need and boost consumption. Pretty please? Friends and I are joking that we should simply start a fund to invest in every agricultural product, make protests and then have guaranteed returns, this is getting ridiculous…

Stocks – Telco’s, especially advanc, have been taking a knock since earnings disappointed and as one of the biggest sectors in the market, its only going to continue being a drag. We’re looking @ GDP numbers continuing to disappoint and for banks to be the next disappointing sector in a quarter or 2

Politics (again) – Members of the Senate happily went missing for Friday’s meeting, why should we bother watching reality TV show’s when we can just follow this news?!

Market – So-so earnings from most of the big names and sectors, is there a catalyst left for a year end rally other than LTFs?

Thai politics & Bubbles

Forbes has been busy this week on talking about Thailand, with articles covering both the politics and the “bubbles” forming within the country and the market.

My thoughts on the two..well politics, I’ve commented almost daily on this and essentially my viewpoint is that Mr. T is pushing his luck, I haven’t seen so many white collar workers at protests as I have here and the Democrats now suddenly have some following on the street and if they are any good at politics can use this and the Preah Vihear case to their benefits. Continue reading Thai politics & Bubbles