Sector Update 18/11 – 22/11

Well politics pressured the entire market in the past week, foreign investors sold another THB 9 bn, and there was speculation that the massive Vayupak Fund will sell out before its expiration on 30th Nov, only 5 weeks left for the year and the market is down YTD, how much can LTF’s support the market in the next month?



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Management Trades 18/11 – 22/11

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 403 mn

  • BGH – Dr. Praserttttttttttttttttttttt still buying THB 389 mn worth of shares

Sell(s) THB 110 mn

  • ARROW – The CEO sells THB 60 mn ? hmmm there isn’t enough liquidity for him to do that in day, who’s the buyer here?
  • CHG – K. Apirum is still selling shares, we’ve wondered aloud for a while if this is a sale to BGH
  • CPALL – Chairman of Excom and Vice Chairman unloads THB 21 mn

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Stocks in the news (amata, global, irpc, jas, nyt, wha) 25.11.13


New contracts to boost 4Q13 land sales — AMATA expects land sales in 4Q13 to surge, boosted by new contract signing. Currently, the company has 2,000 rai land ready to be transferred, and it is keeping its year end target land sales of 3,000 rai. It said it aims to invest in an industrial estate in Dawei, Myanmar. (Khao Hoon, 25/11/13)


Tops in its sector — GLOBAL is doing the best in the Commerce sector, with net profit expected to grow 47% YoY and recovery in 4Q13. It will add three more branches to bring total branches to 29 in 2013, pushing up net profit 55% YoY to Bt942mn. (Khao Hoon, 25/11/13)

Comment: Where’s the slowdown upcountry? We don’t see it much, yes agricultural prices are dropping so farmers make less however business is booming there and we believe it offsets a lot of things, Bangkok is the city that is having trouble with consumer debt. Continue reading Stocks in the news (amata, global, irpc, jas, nyt, wha) 25.11.13