Random Thoughts: Politics & Telecoms

Politics – This is the first time I’ve seen so many white collar folks actually join in protests, Mr. T your respect is waning rather quickly, perhaps he should be less dictatorial in pushing things through parliament

Politics – CP Group had been telling their staff to take the day off and to go and join the protests, fairly obvious which side they are on hahaha,

Government scheme – THB 10 bn for cassava – another income guarantee, great so after the bungled rice scheme, a rubber scheme we can now add the cassava scheme to it, hey government can you guarantee paying my team and I the equivalent for 20% p.a. for our clients too please? We promise to spend it on things we don’t need and boost consumption. Pretty please? Friends and I are joking that we should simply start a fund to invest in every agricultural product, make protests and then have guaranteed returns, this is getting ridiculous…

Stocks – Telco’s, especially advanc, have been taking a knock since earnings disappointed and as one of the biggest sectors in the market, its only going to continue being a drag. We’re looking @ GDP numbers continuing to disappoint and for banks to be the next disappointing sector in a quarter or 2

Politics (again) – Members of the Senate happily went missing for Friday’s meeting, why should we bother watching reality TV show’s when we can just follow this news?!

Market – So-so earnings from most of the big names and sectors, is there a catalyst left for a year end rally other than LTFs?

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