Stocks in the news (ccp, centel, drt, jas, mbk) 26.11.13


2013 profit of Bt350mn — CCP said it will book net profit of Bt350mn in 2013, with extras in 4Q13 pushing up growth sharply. Revenue in 2013 is put at Bt3bn and it will invest Bt200mn next year with revenue growth of 15% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 26/11/13)


2014 revenue growth 15-20% — CENTEL expects 2014 revenue growth of 15-20% YoY from Bt17bn in 2013 on continued growth in its hotels plus a rise in room price. It also expands hotel and restaurant business worth Bt1.2bn. (Kao Hoon, 26/11/13)

Comment: The hotel expansion growth has come mainly from management contracts in the past few years and they have done wonderfully well from it


DRT says no SCC takeover —SCC is said to be in negotiations to buy stake in DRT, which is expected to be included in the MSCI Global Small Cap Indices. DRT management rejected news on a SCC takeover. (Khao Hoon, 26/11/13)

Comment: Ah so now we know why the stock price had spiked a few days ago.


Shareholders approve infrastructure fund — Shareholders yesterday gave their thumbs up to the setup of an infrastructure fund of Bt60-70mn, with units to be sold in 2014. JAS will use the funds to pay debt and invest in an internet business where it aims to be No.1. It expects revenue growth of 20-25% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 26/11/13)

Comment: We said it was impossible for this to be done this year didn’t we? What about the outstanding debt?


Expects profit at 10-year high — MBK said its net profit will be the highest in ten years with an extra gain of Bt3bn. Its revenue from loans is growing at a normal rate of 5-6% YoY in 2013 and 2014. It aims to increase revenue portion from property to 15% and finance to 20%. (Khao Hoon, 26/11/13)

Comment: The assets onhand here are incredible

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