Sector Update 25/11 – 29/11

Foreign investors sold THB 48bn in last month, thus YTD net sells over THB 150bn because of valuations, politics, and a slowdown in earnings growth throughout Thailand and the region. Politics we still think is short term and should be resolved in the coming days. Looking forward to what unfolds.



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Stocks in the news (aim, amata, bch, ccp, cpnrf, gcap, mint) 02.12.13


Changing ticker to “EFORL” today — AIM is changing its trading name to EFORL today because its new business is trading in medical tools and equipment. Its new business will fully operate and clearly contribute revenues in 4Q13. (Khao Hoon, 2/12/13)

Comment: From 3D Tv’s and advertising to medical tools, well at least they are keeping themselves alive


Slashes target sales — AMATA slashed its 2013 target land sales target down to 1,000 rai from 3,000 rai. Management said politics has impacted consumer’s confidence and led investors to delay their contract signing to early next year. (Khao Hoon, 2/12/13)

Comment: Really? 1 month makes revenue drop 2/3’s? That’s rubbish! Their numbers were going to crap for FY13 anyways, convenient excuse, but AMATA is cyclical in this sense, a few good years of sales followed by a quiet one is normal. Continue reading Stocks in the news (aim, amata, bch, ccp, cpnrf, gcap, mint) 02.12.13

Management Trades 25/11 – 29/11

Notable Transactions 

Buy(s)  THB 1 bn

  • BGH – Dr. Praserttttttttttttttttt keeps buying, this time another THB 309mn
  • BTS – K. Keere wants his warrants and dividends!
  • IFEC – K. Wichai buys all of K. Narong’s shares
  • SCC – A director buys THB 30 mn worth of shares
  • SVI – K. Poe (CEO, majority shareholder) transfer more shares from his offshore holdings to his personal account

Sell(s) THB 75.5mn

  • IFEC – K. Narong continues to sell out of IFEC  (see above)

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