Beauty business puts a shine on karmarts

Karmarts Plc (KAMART) is a multi-brand, multi-product company focused on the cosmetics distribution business and is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Its business includes a franchise model to distribute its cosmetic products throughout Thailand. Executive director Wongwiwat Theekhakhirikul discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.


Wongwiwat: Aiming for top 5 in Thailand

What type of products does Karmarts offer to its customers?

We offer a wide variety of products for our customers ranging from facial care, body care, makeup and accessories to hair care and nail care. Currently we have more than 2,000 different products of which 500 are our own house brands with the remainder coming from Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Japan. Our offerings are different from what is available in the market today as we aim to be first movers in each product category. Also, what sets our products apart from the majority of the products in the market are the details: for example the ingredients that we use in each product that enhance a woman’s skin, a product for women’s elbows that helps to remove dead skin quickly, or a product that provides immediate results whereas competing products require 30-60 days use. It is really the minor details and the innovative products that we launch on a monthly basis that help to set Karmarts apart from the rest of the market. Continue reading Beauty business puts a shine on karmarts

Stocks in the news (ap, gunkul, jmart, nusa, qtc, tta) 20.12.13


Cuts forecast on politics — AP has cut this year’s forecast as the political demonstrations have hurt sales. Revenue target now stand at Bt19bn from Bt20bn, with presales forecast at Bt18bn from the previous forecast of Bt22bn. (Khao Hoon, 20/12/13)

Comment: Nope, their numbers were going to be poor anyways


Expects good 4Q13 — GUNKUL management is confident that 4Q13 will see strong numbers as 15 solar rooftop projects will take off soon. Next year its electricity plant in Myanmar will start generating 25 MW, bringing 2014 growth of 15-20%. (Khao Hoon, 20/12/13)


Setting up community mall through subsidiary — Management said that it will invest Bt1bn in JMART subsidiary, JAS Asset, to set up a community mall, The Jas. This will support business growth in the future. JMART aims to raise the funds by the end of 2014. (Tun Hoon, 20/12/13)

Comment: And then in the future JMART will list JAS Asset just as they did with JMT Continue reading Stocks in the news (ap, gunkul, jmart, nusa, qtc, tta) 20.12.13