Random Thoughts: Political Humour

I think we are all getting a bit tired of the politics here and talking about it. Will the election go ahead now or not seems to be the next question, meh, I don’t know, the best comment I’ve had this week about the protesters is how they resemble the Tea Party in the US and that in time they will just go away however a reset button is needed for the entire political gambit here.

The below image was passed around our offices recently regarding a discussion on politics locally, and its spot-on!


Toyota shifting production from Thailand to Indo

I spent a weekend in Jakarta recently, my first trip back there since ’97, and from what I saw, its a huge economy with massive potential but an incredibly long way to go infrastructure wise. With large investments likely over the next 5-10 years I can see the car market there growing much faster than Thailand and if shipping and logistics improves Thailand as a base for shipping to other countries may begin deteriorate. Which companies here may get hurt? STANLY comes to mind, but we haven’t looked at them for years.

The company, which usually imports the Vios compact sedan from Thailand, has spent 2.5 trillion rupiah (Bt6.7 billion) in initial capital on its expansion in Indonesia.

TMMIN president-director Masahiro Nonami said the persistently strong demand for cars in Indonesia, driven by its growing middle-class segment, had attracted his company to make the country a Vios production base.

Source: The Nation

What happened this week 16/12 – 22/12

All the news and data points towards the world doing marvelously well and Thailand bickering like children


  • ADB and World Banks downgrade short term economic outlook for Thailand. GDP forecasts by both is 2.9%, with outlook for next year at risk, mainly on political concerns. (Kom Chad Leuk, 16/12/13)
  • Election policies are key to economic recovery said University of Thai Chamber of Commerce. It said that parties should come up with plans that will benefit the country in the long run, not just populist scheme for quick votes. It also warns all parties not to tamper with minimum wage, as it should be kept at Bt300 per day for a couple of years at the very least. (Khao Sod, 16/12/13) Continue reading What happened this week 16/12 – 22/12