Don’t be tools and fools of the elites

K. Voranai as usual wrote a very good op-ed on the current state of politics and the protests going on today.

But back to Suthep & Co, who aim to temporarily suspend democracy to remove Thaksin & Co for good, and then bring back the sort of democracy that makes sure Suthep & Co will win for good. Then they may also claim democratic legitimacy. It would still be the same system, just with a different set of ruling elites.

Source: Bangkok Post

And now to ramble, two dead last night in clashes and several more injured, politicians obviously don’t care, the gap between the have and have-nots keeps widening, if this country wasn’t Buddhist things would’ve escalated at a much faster pace, and who’s to say it won’t in the future, because with politicians, elites whatever you want to call them still continue to bitch and whine whenever they aren’t in charge nor get their kickbacks nor get their government projects, what’s the point of having a government?

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