Management Trades 09/12 – 13/12

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 99mn

  • TWFP – Now this is interesting, the Chairman just bought 3mn shares, at the last book closing he had only 300,000 shares in the co. this co sells Vermicelli and has been in the business for 60 years, numbers look interesting too…hmmm…

Sell(s) THB 43 mn

  • n/a

131217 mgmt_trades

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2 thoughts on “Management Trades 09/12 – 13/12”

    1. Correct it did a stock split effective as of 03/09/13.
      Are stock splits significant? Well it supposedly increases liquidity and allows retail investors to participate. I’ve myself argued at times that it does remove what we call “a private market discount” i.e. because a company is public its easier to buy/sell shares, but if its private then exiting is harder and ball park wise a 30% discount should be applied to its valuation. But does it have an impact on the business? Nope.

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