Sector Updates 23/12 – 27/12

Some may say 2013 was a year to forget, I considered it to be an amazing year, we saw the euphoric investor sentiment in the first half of the year with valuations of almost every sector (ex. energy) pushed to silly levels and EVERY investor thought that they were rock stars, then in the 3Q we saw what happens when the punch bowl of the QE gets taken away, and finally to close the year politcal problems rearose, a more drama packed year of investing I cannot imagine.

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Management Trades 23/12 – 27/12

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 366 mn

  • AP – A director buys THB 68.7 mn worth of shares
  • IFEC – The changing of ownership continues
  • EARTH – A block buy by the owner, there have been quite a few block transactions (both buys and sells) here, no idea what’s going on, although EARTH has now traded up to the mainboard SET from the MAI last year.
  • FSS – See below

Sell(s) THB 550 mn

  • AP – From above another director sells THB 164 mn worth of shares, see if members of the board can’t all agree on timing
  • CPF – The Vice President sells THB 86 mn
  • FSS – I don’t quite understand this…first a purchase of THB 87 mn and then a sale of THB 175 mn
  • IFEC – See above
  • ITD – Directors sell of THB 62 mn worth of shares…..another recap to come?

140102 mgmt trades


Stocks in the news (ajd, bch, bmcl, earth, jas, spgc, thai) 02.01.14


Submits filing, plans IPO soon — AJD said it has submitted its filing for listing with the SEC on December 26. It plans an IPO of 100mn shares at par of Bt0.50/share. If all goes according to plan, its will do the IPO and list early this year. (Khao Hoon, 02/01/14)

Comment: A THB 50 mn IPO…the story shall be the same


Aiming at 10% revenue growth in 2014 — BCH is targeting revenue growth of 10% YoY in 2014, supported by Kasemraj hospitals, World Medical Center, and Nawa Nakorn. It expects to build a new hospital in Ramkhamhaeng worth Bt1bn. (Khao Hoon, 2/1/14)

Comment: Their major hospital on Chaengwattana has been beset with cost overruns


Must bid for Blue Line extension— The MRTA has decided that BMCL will have to bid for the extension of the Blue Line rather than having the automatic right to build it. The TOR will be drafted in mid-January this year. (Khao Hoon, 02/01/14) Continue reading Stocks in the news (ajd, bch, bmcl, earth, jas, spgc, thai) 02.01.14